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Rebuilding Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

Five years ago our company figured out that our clients were not merely trying to eliminate unsecured debt. Like many other bankruptcy firms, we believed that our clients’ only goal was to be debt free. We weren’t seeing the whole picture.

In essence we thought our job was just to move debts from column A to column B. The reality is that at core what our clients were really seeking was an opportunity to get back in the financial mainstream. Not all of them necessarily wanted to ever get a credit card again, but all of them wanted to eventually have the ability to buy a home or a car and not have a bad credit score hanging over their heads, depriving them of the ability to make choices.

Once we realized that we didn’t have all the tools needed to restore our clients to the financial mainstream, we looked for a company that specialized in rebuilding credit scores after bankruptcy.

Once we found the company (720 Credit Score) that we felt could meet our clients’ needs, we hired them and started offering their services to our clients at no additional charge. The people at 720 Credit Score offer classes and materials designed to get your credit score back to the mid 700s within 18 months after your case is discharged.

At Northwest Debt Relief, we now take a holistic approach to bankruptcy. We offer the course to our clients for free because we want your fresh star to have actual meaning. Now the fact is is that if you file bankruptcy and let enough time pass, your credit score will likely slowly recover on its own. We say it’s time to stack the deck in your favor and get the credit score you always wanted as quickly and efficiently as possible.